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The vehement demand for ecological and sustainable construction methods has in recent years lent a new degree of currency and significance to a long-known architectonic topic: the greening of building façades. The plants absorb CO2, they filter out (fine) dust and dirt, dampen noise exposure and in summer provide for a natural form of building cooling by casting a shadow and through water evaporation. This reduces the costs for building air conditioning. In addition, the greening protects the façade from UV radiation, hail, driving rain and wind. Thus, the service life of the building shell is extended as an additional benefit.

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Ground-Based Façade Greening

Especially ground-based façade greening is cost effective in terms of initial expenditure and care and it requires no elaborate supply of water and nutrients. A minimum investment in material delivers a high level of energetic benefit plus a long service life and low maintenance at the same time. The variable, semitransparent covering of the façade opens up a great deal of functional and aesthetic latitude, for example with glass façades.

Both Jakob wire ropes and end terminations, as well as Webnet wire rope nets are ideally suited for use as climbing supports for façade greening. Jakob has a great breadth of experience in planning and executing both small and large-scale climbing supports. The large selection of standard products and the endless possibilities for customer-specific solutions make Jakob your ideal partner.

Good Reasons

Cost advantage
Cost savings due to façade greening result in particular from the increased energy efficiency of the building and the longer service life of the façade components.

Quality of the environs
Green areas bring nature back into the city and improve the quality of living in urban spaces. A more pleasant climate, less noise and better air quality have noticeable effects on our sense of well-being.

Greening helps maintain the balance of the ecosystem in the city. The energy that is saved protects our natural resources.

Effects on a Building

Interior building temperature

Energy savings of up to 30% due to evaporative cooling and shading.

Sun protection

The degree of shading is variable and on a par with technical shading systems.

Noise abatement in interior room

Reduction of noise exposure due to acoustic reflection and absorption.


Pre-conditioning of the air and improvement of the air quality.

Ecological balance

Improvement of the CO2 balance and up to twice the service life of façade components.


Aesthetic enhancement of less attractive building parts and a design element for free spaces.

The Effects on Urban Spaces

Promotion of the diversity of species helps maintain balance – especially concerning pests and their natural enemies.

A noise reduction of up to 5 dB in urban spaces can be realised through the acoustic absorption of green surfaces.

The development of heat islands is prevented by the shading and cooling capacity of the plants.

Air quality
The additional green surfaces support the production of oxygen and bind dust and air-borne pollutants.

Greening represents a versatile architectonic design element on façades and free-standing structures.

Façade greening is an efficient and cost effective measure for the enhancement of urban spaces.

Our Services

Professional and expedient façade greening that is both functional and aesthetic requires careful and thoughtful planning. Climbing plants need supports and guides, typically in the form of rope systems or nets. Jakob has gained an international reputation in this field.

The portfolio we offer comprises standardised climbing support structures for façade greening. Moreover, Jakob collaborates in demanding, extensive projects in order to develop the perfect technical and design solutions in each situation in cooperation with planning experts from other fields. Ultimately, greened façades which combine ecology and aesthetics in an ideal manner are well-received elements which can enhance the acceptance and the value of a property. Two particularly attractive structures were realised by Jakob in Southern Germany’s Fribourg in Briesgau. They underscore in an exemplary fashion the broad array of aesthetic, functional and technical possibilities offered by façade greening. 

Do you need further information about our products? Do you have a specific project to discuss? We are always happy to help!