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Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough, United Kingdom

Reliable Safety

Jakob Rope Systems supplied safety nets for four car parks at Peterborough’s Queensgate Shopping Centre. The car parks are part of a major extension of the centre. Over a six-month period, our partner in the UK, MMA Architectural Solutions, installed circa 5000 square metres of Webnet that provide a secure and efficient fall prevention and prevent unauthorised access.

Webnet is a certified vertical and horizontal fall protection and serves as a reliable suicide-prevention. Studies have shown that a physical barrier has a deterring effect. After a series of tragic events, the centre’s management decided to improve the security of the car park. With many successful projects across Europe, Webnet was chosen to implement the new safety concept.

Webnet is the trusted solution everywhere where high demands are made on safety, low maintenance costs and aesthetic appeal. The elegant stainless steel net allows for complex security solutions for projects of all scale and complexity without compromising free sight and air circulation. ‘Webnet’s flexibility also means that our installation teams were able to easily cope with any awkward or unusually shaped openings,’ explains MMA Director Nikki Errington. ‘It was the perfect solution for this project’s requirements.

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Jakob products

Webnet, ­Ø 1.5 mm, mesh 80 mm, 3000 square metres

Webnet, Ø 1.5 mm, mesh 40 mm, 2500 square metres

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